About Us

Gogreen Holdings Pte Ltd (Gogreen) is registered in Singapore on October 15th, 2008.

Gogreen is a recognised attraction player in the tourism industry in Singapore.
The Gogreen Segway Fun Ride and Segway Eco Adventure ride operations in Sentosa in the last decade have received more than 1 million riders with excellent safety records. Gogreen also provides a range of family friendly leisure devices for free and easy rental, school and corporate events in Singapore.

Gogreen is a reputable zero emission personal transportion distributor in Singapore that qualifies and distributes the best Personal Mobility Devices in the market. Gogreen currently holds the largest market share in providing personal mobility solutions to corporates, security, enforcement and government agencies in Singapore.

Gogreen look to continually expand achieving our position as the leader of zero emissions public transportation in Singapore and signifying what is “right” is in the field of environmentally friendly and efficient transportation systems. We believe that high quality values lead to high quality service which end in healthy partnerships and satisfied, repeat customers.


Our Vision

Gogreen – Asia’s leading zero emissions personal transportation and attractions provider.

Our Mission

Gogreen’s mission is to continually strive and achieve our vision of expanding the use of zero emissions vehicles while ensuring we meet the following ongoing objectives:
  • Stay updated and continually explore all new clean transportation technologies and “eco conscious” communities in development in Asia Pacific.
  • Approach and secure related business opportunities that facilitate the achievement of our vision.
  • Develop, operate, and maintain all Gogreen business operations with highest quality standards.
  • Enlist experienced, energetic, and dynamic leadership and management team that are dedicated to the Gogreen vision.
  • Ensure each business unit has its own independent vision and mission supporting the “big picture” of the company.
  • Maintain company profitability in each individual business unit.
  • Deliver satisfying rewards to our directors and shareholders.
  • Operate on strict environmentally friendly practices including outside our business scope.
  • Maintain an active and positive relationship with the community.
  • Represent what “right” is for the future of community transportation.
  • Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction for all constituencies.

Corporate Values

Gogreen operates within strict legal and ethical guidelines as a company and as a member of the local and global community.  We are proud to present ourselves as a leader in both the transportation and environmental sectors. Placing strong emphasis on promoting wellbeing, and sophisticated knowledge, and customer focus in both subject area.    Not only do we ensure that all local and international standards are met within our organization, but we also ensure that control of our values is maintained within the bodies of our affiliates, subcontractors, suppliers, partners, and franchisees.  We believe that high quality values lead to high quality service which end in healthy partnerships and satisfied, repeat customers.